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Welcome to Jingdezhen!
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Jingdezhen Cuisine

Jingdezhen is located northeast Jiangxi Province, north meets Anhui, therefore already may eat in here to the Jianxi vegetable, also may taste the famous Anhui vegetable.
Jingdezhen and further because is situated at between "six mountains two lakes" (Huangshan Mountain, Lushan, Mt. Sanqing, Mt. Longhu, the Jiuhaua, Mt. Wuyi, Qiandao Lake, Poyang Lake), the product resources are rich, therefore Jingdezhen's vegetable also is one of Jianxi vegetable main constituents. But Jingdezhen most famous should be here flavor snack, ate the consomme besides same year Qianlong to soak the cake already not to see, Jingdezhen also had famous "four big snacks", namely fried in oil the wonton, the stuffed dumpling rake, cold food in sauce cold Fen, the lye rake. Moreover, also has together the characteristic delicacy delicacies in Jingdezhen, that is "the sheatfish boils the bean to flush", the flavor is tasty exceptionally.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>The consomme soaks the cake
Qianlong came to south of Changjiang arrives Jingdezhen, a road shop ate the flavor snack after presently Zhonghua road inscribe together "gold spring restaurant", it is Jingdezhen's flat food vacuole cake, also was called the consomme to soak the cake. The thin cover handbag meat stuffing, puts into the pot with the slice glutinous rice new year's cake with boils, joins the little seasoning then, eats has smoothly both and sticks the fried ricecake the feeling in the mouth, now it is difficult to eat to this kind of snack.

>>Cruller cover Maci
Cruller cover Maci is together the flavor snack, gathers the sugar and the sesame seed the good glutinous rice glutinous rice cake to insert explodes newly in the good hot cruller, eats extremely fragrantly, is tasty.

>>The sheatfish boils the bean
May eat in Jingdezhen to together the characteristic delicacies, that is "the sheatfish boils the bean ", the fresh sheatfish will join the seasoning to fry first, puts in the boiling water has soaked the bean, adds the clear water to boil with the soft fire gets interested then, will eat the flavor to be tasty exceptionally.

>>Stuffed dumpling cake
It is the Jingdezhen characteristic snack, it uses the goose lake late rice pulverizing to become reconciled with the boiling water the powder, take the fragrant-flowered garlic bean curd or the sun-dried shelled shrimp, the radish silk as the stuffing, after wraps securely on the cage to steam ripely then, nips a perquisite to draining, the flavor is extremely good.

>>Lye cake
It is Jingdezhen's snack, adds the lye after the late rice pulverizing to steam ripely, again with time slice, either adds the egg, either added the lean meat to fry to eat, eats has the interest.

>>Jing Deban chicken
This kind of chicken is not having the pollution the mountain village, the field grows, other green flavor, excellent in quality. the Jing Deban chicken is uses the pure natural spice manufacture according to the animal amino acid yeast enzyme mechanism, does not increase any chemical additive, after high temperature high pressure sterilization processing, quality is excellent, the taste is unique, extremely rich nutrition.

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