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Welcome to Jingdezhen!
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Jingdezhen History

Jingdezhen's history, may go upstream to the Neolithic later period, from already discovered buys develops in kind material which and so on the ancient civilization ruins collected to prove, probably in is apart from now 4000 ago, the ancients already worked in here, lived, the multiplication, the hunting and farming the economic life.
When Jingdezhen Spring and Autumn Period is east of Chu boundary. The qin dynasty records Jiujiang county county. Hangaozu four years (203 B.C.) change the Jiujiang county to the Huai southern part of China, six years (205 B.C.) set at the yuzhang county to be the Poyang county; Wu emperor set 13 states are belong to Yang Zhou; Eastern Han Dynasty is Yang Zhou provincial governor department. Three countries common time-base signals are the Wu places, is the Yang state. At the beginning of the Jin is the Yang state, Yuan Kang first year (the A.D. 291 years) shears Yang to cut ten county to set at Jiangzhou, is the Poyang county. Song Qi also Magistrate Jiangzhou.The Liang Chengsheng two years (the A.D. 553 years) change the Poyang county for the Wu state. The Chen Guang great first year (the A.D. 567 years) changed Wu state also to set at the county to be Jiangzhou. Sui Kaihuang nine years (the A.D. 598 years) changes the Poyang county is Raozhou, the Daye three years (the A.D. 607 years) duplicate is the Poyang county. Tang change county to a state. It is Jiangxi Raozhou. Tang Wude four years (the A.D. 621 years) folds Poyang to set at Xinping County, this is Jingdezhen governs the territory the start. Tang founds a nation for four years (the A.D. 761 years) to change says Xinchang County, the tianbao first year (the A.D. 742 years) changes the name of Fuliang county, Song belong to east of Jiangdong road of Raozhou. The Yuan was the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces Raozhou state road, Yuan Zhen first year (in 1295) Fuliang rises for the state, the beginning of Ming dynasty to change the bonus state road is the Raozhou government office, the Fuliang state turns round for the county and is belong to Raozhou. Qing Fuliang county Magistrate Raozhou government office. In 1914, the Fuliang was belonged to Dangyang road. In 1961 the Fuliang county seat moved from the old city to Jingdezhen. In 1949 Jingdezhen liberated, alone constructed the city, on May 5 established the Jingdezhen city people's government in the same year, was the Jianxi northeast administrative area and the Fuliang special area jurisdiction successively. On May 5, 1953 established the Jingdezhen city people's government, was the Jianxi northeast administrative area and the float saddle special area jurisdiction successively. In June, 1953, the state administrative council authorized the Jingdezhen city for the Jiangxi Province municipality. Local September, 1960, abolished Fuliang county the organicity, the administrative division merges.

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