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Welcome to Jingdezhen!
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Jingdezhen Overview

"Ceramic metropolis" the Jingdezhen city is located northeast Jiangxi Province, northwest with Anhui Dongzhi county border, south with Wannian county is the neighbour, west borders on with Boyang County, northeast relies on the Anhui Qimen County, southeast borders on with Wuyuan County, it is situated in Huangshan Mountain, Huaiyu Mountain last hill and the Poyang Lake plain zone of transition, occupies the east longitude 11657' to 11742', between the north latitude 2844' to 2956', is the subtropics monsoon climate, within the boundaries illumination sufficient, rainfall abundant, temperate and moist, four seasons are distinct, the mountain peak level folds, rivers densely covered, the mountain surrounded by water circles, the scenery is beautiful. The urban district average elevation is 320 meters, the annual mean temperature is 17 ?, the annual rainfall is 1763.5 millimeters, the annual mean sunshine hour is 2009.8 hours. The hot and damp climate is suitable the crops and each kind of plant's growth.
The total acreage is 5,248 square kilometers, account for the entire province total area 3.14 percent. The land of mountain area is 69.55 percent, water area is 4.75 percent. Huaiyu Mountain the last hii and Huangshan Mountain and the Poyang Lake plain zone of transition. Presently governs city and county two areas, namely LePing city, Fuliang county, bead mountainous area, Changjiang area, area are 5,256 square kilometers, population is 1.52 million, urban population is 500,000 among them. Entire boundary size peaks and ridges are densely covered, nearby the topography the high and midle is low, slightly trough shape. Within the boundaries the rivers are the Raohe river system, main two: North source in Anhui Qimen Dahong's Changjiang, south source in Dession's Le'an River. Jingdezhen history is glorious, the culture is bright. Is majestically located south of Changjiang River, also has "the river Namyung town" the name, in the history with the Guangdong Foshan, the Hubei Hankou, the Henan Zhuxian town were called the national four famous towns, are one of State Council first batch announcement nation 24 historical cities and the national armor class opening to the outside world city.

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