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Welcome to Jingdezhen!
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Jingdezhen Shopping

Jingdezhen because of the Ceramic metropolis then famous in the world, more than 1,700 years system porcelain history not only caused Jingdezhen to become one of ancient times four given names towns, moreover the present also becomes Jingdezhen most famous name card. Jingdezhen chinaware type is many, already reached 2,000 kinds, applied flexibly porcelain and the industrial art porcelain since birth and so on, the chinaware which Jingdezhen produced has white like the jade, clean like the mirror, thin likes paper, the sound like Qing's characteristic, but the tobacco mosaic, the tobacco mosaic exquisite, the famille rose and the high temperature face colored glaze then by reputation for Jingdezhen's four famous porcelain, but also had the thin embryo porcelain, the sculpture porcelain and so on, all was tourist's in Jingdezhen traveling shopping first choice product.

The special product in Jingdezhen

>>Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain
At the beginning of Song, the Fuliang county porcelain industry is prosperous. Song Dynasty Zhezong JingDe first year, 20 miles place of southeast the county establishes Jingdezhen seat, burns the modelling to be beautiful massively, the decorative design in a utensil fine shade blue engraved patterns, the dye printing chinaware, becomes one of Song synonym kilns. To the Yuan Dynasty, appeared in the blue and white porcelain and the glaze the red porcelain. The Ming Dynasty, the Jingdezhen porcelain industry also has the further development, is "the world kiln gathers" in porcelain industry. Far can make the blue and white porcelain in the Northern Song Dynasty time Jingdezhen. To the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties time, along with the foreign trade service development, has produced the blue and white porcelain to achieve the higher technical level. Hands down, 15 centuries Europe most powerful Saxon's King Agusi once by four row fast fierce guards, received in exchange for King Feitelie the especially fierce 12 Chinese blue and white porcelain vase. Jingdezhen chinaware modelling is exquisite, color is gorgeous, the decoration is fine. Among them Blue and white porcelain, the tobacco mosaic exquisite porcelain, the powder decorative porcelain and the color vitreous enamel, are called the most German town four big biographies general terms porcelain. The blue and white porcelain does not have the lead non-toxic, acidproof is wear-resisting, does not draw back after the millennium facial color, also has "the tobacco mosaic which never died of old age" the name. The blue and white porcelain although colors solely, wipes in entertainer's writing, thickly thin has sends, each level clearly demarcated, has a liking for pale serves as contrast, simple natural, meaningful is refined. The ancient said "all colors too bright, extremely fresh unworldliness, but tobacco mosaic then talented compares all colors to be leisurely." Obviously the ancient likes the blue and white porcelain to win in all colors.

>>Jingdezhen tobacco mosaic exquisite porcelain
The Jingdezhen tobacco mosaic exquisite is Jingdezhen "in the porcelain the treasure", the European person call it is "the glass chinaware". Tobacco mosaic exquisite porcelain modelling is solemn and exquisite, the decoration novel is unique, expects the color fresh and green, sparkling and crystal-clear, in the glaze has the glaze, in the flower has the flower, serves as contrast mutually, Set each other off to blaze, has the rich East artistic feature, one kind of fresh sprightly art enjoys for the human. Tobacco mosaic exquisite porcelain other name "has not passed", will be in Song Dynasty later one kind of unique product which will hollow out in the craft foundation to develop. It unifies quiet dresses up the lofty blue medicine decoration, on the semifinished product carving each kind of exquisite exquisite perforation, then draws the blue pattern type first, then enamels fires. The tobacco mosaic exquisite porcelain uses the raw material is the kleit.

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